Egyptian-American, Coptic Orthodox teen from the Sunshine State. I blog about Egypt, Murica, Coptic Orthodoxy, and things that irritate me (I am easily irritated), anyway, I wanna make a difference and with the God's help and the internet, I may do just that.



Way too many wars have been started because people disagree on religion. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. These people get it.

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"There are things that I need, but can’t ever ask of you

And If you gave them to me, just because I asked

It won’t be the same”

My home gurl nancy keepin it real as always.

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smalldogjr asked
were did you buy that camel in the picure?

My father actually bought it for me as a souvenir from Egypt. Kids wanted teddy bears, I wanted a camel.




Trisagion (Greek τρισάγιον, thrice-holy), from tris- (“thrice”) and agios (“holy”).
(Трисвятое - Trisvyatoye in Russian)

The Trisagion Prayers are a set of ancient prayers that begin each service of the Daily Cycle. They are also commonly used…


Church Leaders Appeal to EU to Safeguard 'Very Fragile' Christian Presence in Iraq


Iraqi Christian leaders are seeking help from the European Union to avert a new civil war that would threaten the existence of the country’s “very fragile” minority groups.

Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako of Baghdad headed a delegation of Iraqi Church leaders to Brussels, to confer with European officials who are scheduled to hold their own discussions on July 14 regarding policy toward Iraq. The Christian leaders stressed the positive role that the religious minority can play as a “disinterested mediator” in helping resolve conflicts between the countries two competing Islamic groups.

At the same time the Chaldean Patriarch said that a continued exodus threatens the existence of a Christian community in Iraq. “If they leave, their history is finished,” he said. He observed: “Under Saddam we had security but no religious freedom. Today we have religious freedom but no security.”

Suez Canal. View from my grandparents’ house. Egypt, I’ve missed you.

Suez Canal. View from my grandparents’ house. Egypt, I’ve missed you.